Thursday, August 25, 2005

BlockLand Mods

Welcome to the new home of Blockland Mods. Most likely your here because you found it through Google or were redirected here from Blockland Mods old home. Well the project is still dead I'm afraid, however, you can still download the glory of Blockland Mods here.

Blockland Mods v1.6a (full game) - 17,934KB

What is Blockland Mods?

Blockland Mods is a popular mod for a game called blockland ( Because of the versatility of the game, many people are able to make mods which improve the mechanics of the game, and add new features. Well rather then installing each mod at a time, searching for the mods, or know which ones will improve your gaming experience, you can download Blockland Mods which is a collection of all the greatest user made mods + several mods of my own all in 1 package.
Blockland mods has something for everybody. People who want to kill each other, people who want to build, or for people who want a little of both. New mods added that people may not want can all be turned off/on via the admin panel (default CTRL + A).
Please feel free to post this mod on your site and/or forum.

What Happened to The old Blockland Mods Website?The guy who was hosting for me is no longer in charge of the domain. I have the website still saved neatly on my computer... just a lack of hosting it. Theres nothing really special to it other then the changes listed on it and some older 1.5 downloads.

Please feel free to leave me any questions/comments on this post.